Right On Time

There are a couple of prayer requests that have been on my mind for ages. The Lord and I have gone round and about over these two very specific prayers again and again. I've shed tears over them, I've tried to work around them and I've questioned the Lord's timing.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. Isaiah 55:8

Then several days ago the Lord finally got through to me. Yes, I would still love for these two prayers to be answered a certain way, but I finally understood God's timing in my life.

If He had given me exactly what I asked for the first time I asked for it, I wouldn't have been prepared for it. There are many times in our lives when God answers our prayers with a "not right now" answer.

Imagine that you've been praying for a new house. All you know is that you're outgrowing the one you're living in now and it's starting to fall apart. You don't understand why the Lord won't answer your prayer for a new home...when He's really just saying wait a while.

Because what God has planned has a special purpose in His grander plan for our greater good. We as human beings can only see the immediate picture of our life - we're designed to follow the Lord's guiding, not plan our own way. If we did, we'd receive everything we'd ever wanted without knowing the consequences.

I don't understand all of God's thoughts or ways because they aren't my thoughts and ways. The testing of my faith comes when I wait to see how my prayer requests fit into His plan. Sometimes waiting on the Lord to work things out grows me more than I really realize.

If I can be a stronger, more victorious Christian woman by waiting a while for my prayer to be answered, then I;ll be happy to relax and rely on God. He knows so much better than I do about all the things I need. And the added bonus is that I get to draw closer to Him while I wait. Isn't the Lord always right on time?


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