Breakfast Wrap On The Run

Would you like a breakfast idea that's quick, easy and completely portable? Try this breakfast wrap - everything from a fancy plate meal in a take-with-you package.

You can vary the ingredients of this recipe depending on how healthy (or not healthy) you want to be, or hwo hungry you are this particular morning. That's the beauty of a wrap!
Two eggs, scrambled
Three slices of turkey bacon
Two slices of cheese or a handful of shredded cheese, your favorite variety
One large whole wheat tortilla shell
Plus: aluminum foil

1. Cook the bacon in a cast-iron skillet, then scramble the eggs in the same pan. (Awesome flavor!)

2. Spoon eggs into tortilla. Tear bacon into pieces and layer on top of eggs. Top with cheese. Wrap edges of tortilla in, making a large bundle.
3. Wrap entire tortilla in foil, creating a pocket with the opening at the top. This makes it seal-able and travel-able.

4. Enjoy with some OJ or a hot cup of coffee.


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