The Joy In The Kitchen

Sometimes I forget that I have shelves full of cookbooks, many of which have barely been opened.

Sometimes I forget that the Internet is full of websites with millions of recipes in them.

Sometimes I forget that my best friends are all foodies and have tons of great ideas.

Sometimes I forget that my inbox is full of e-mails with coupons and menus.

Sometimes I sit for hours looking up recipes, only to find the exact one I'm looking for in the cookbook my grandmother gave me when I graduated from high school.

Sometimes just glancing through Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard sparks some culinary creativity for the evening.

Sometimes going back to the simplicity of favorite recipes is all the comfort I need at the end of a busy day.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of why I enjoy cooking so much in the first place.

Sometimes I need a break from cooking so I can be reminded of why I enjoy cooking so much in the first place.

And sometimes it all comes together. The coupons fit with the sales at the grocery store. Everything that's on sale fits with the recipes that I find. I can clear out my cupboards and refrigerator, using our resources to the best of my ability.

May today be one of those sometimes for you. I pray you'll find joy in your kitchen, service to the Lord in all you cook and something sweet to satisfy all your cravings.


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