The A B C's of Life...

...according to Bailey and Sadie, our two black labs. Apparently the world looks really great through the eyes of a puppy!

A...adoption. Rescuing a dog from the shelter is a great way to find a friend!
B...bones. Treats are the way to a puppy's heart!

C...captivating. Once a dog has your heart, you're hers forever.

D...devotion. Nobody loves you the way a dog does.

E...entertaining. Don't watch television - watch your dog! There's nothing more important than the pack. Who needs an alarm system with two barking dogs?

H...happiness. One wag of her tail or one lick of her tongue can change the course of the day.

I...inexplicable. There are some things dogs do that defy explanation. Don't even ask.

J...joyful. Very little affects the mood of a lab, except when the food runs out.

K...kindness. When you treat a dog kindly, she is always willing to show you kindness in return.

L...loving. Unconditional is a great word for it.

M...memories. How many of your special memories revolve around your pets?

N...napping. A cuddle and a power nap with the dog can fix anything.

O...outdoors. A few minutes of playtime is better than an hour on the treadmill.

P...playtime. Now? Yes, please.

Q...quiet time. Some of the best times of the day are those quiet moments cuddling on the floor with a puppy.

R...responsibility. There's more to keeping a dog than just playing and cuddling. Care and concern mean even more.

S...simplicity. Unlike most human beings, dogs don't add extra "stuff" to their lives. Maybe we should take the hint.

T...trouble. Maybe just a chewing...stealing food...barking too much...but other than that...

U...ultimate. The ultimate in friendship, love, protection, companionship and devotion. That's a dog for you!

V...very cute. And you know that your dog is the cutest ever, right?

W...water. Whether you have an actual water dog or just a puppy that loves to wade, a trip to the creek, river or ocean can be the best trip ever!

X...extra special. With each little personality and each gift of love, friendship with a dog is priceless.

Y...yard. The back yard is a favorite place to play, explore and sniff.

Z...zeal. Dogs don't do anything half-way, whether it's loving their humans or chewing through a rawhide bone. That's what makes them steal our hearts.


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