One Room At A Time

Today I'd like to issue you a challenge - clean your entire house in one week.

While that may seem out of the realm of human imagination, you can make a huge impact in your home's cleanliness, organization and mood by attacking one project, one room at a time.

Whether you have a few minutes a day or a whole afternoon, there are different sized projects for every room. For example:

* Quick: Put away shoes, bags, keys and all that other stuff that gets dropped when everyone comes home.
* More time: Deep clean the floor right inside the door, where everybody tracks in dirt. Consider a new rug or shoe rack to solve this problem.

Dining Room:
* Quick: Set out new tablecloth, napkins, place mats or anything that will change up the look of the room.
* More time: Clean any hard surface that may be collecting...stuff. Pay special attention to the rungs of the chairs, the shelves, the picture frames, the window sills and the table itself. You probably don't want to eat near all that's gathered.

* Quick: Unload the dishwasher and straighten all the cabinets.
* More time: Clear off all the counters and disinfect them. Attack the stove top, the refrigerator handles and the sinks as well. Keep you family healthy in one easy step.

Living Room:
* Quick: Round up anything that needs to go in another room in a basket. Get them all back to their rightful homes.
* More time: Go over the furniture with a pet hair remover, vacuum cleaner and fabric refresher. This is especially important if you have pets or you eat regularly in there.

* Quick: Change the bed linens and dust all areas.
* More time: Sort through your clothes closet. As we're getting ready to change seasons, you might know of another Christian woman who would be blessed to have the things you don't wear anymore.

Spare Bedroom:
* Quick: If you don't use it much, take a few minutes to dust all surfaces and fluff the bed pillows.
* More time: Clear out the closet and under the bed. Do you really know what all is in that room?

* Quick: File the paperwork.
* More time: File the paper work and clean out the old files. There's probably a ton of old bills, magazine clippings and check stubs that you don't need to keep anymore.

* Quick: Change out the dirty towels and shower curtain.
* More time: Clear out drawers and cabinets. Get rid of anything that has passed its best-by date and make a list of anything that needs replaced.

If you don't think a few minutes a day will make a difference in your house, try this for one week, taking on one chore each day. Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment, you might discover the initiative to take on something bigger!


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