The Loyalty Of My Dogs

This week has turned our home upside down. Early in the week I emptied out my entire craft room to rearrange the furniture. (Story to follow, another day.) The I was sick for a couple of days, so everything was left in the hallway, on the couch, in the spare get the picture.

So I set up my crafting station in the living room so I could get some work done. I'm using up tons of old supplies and finding things I forgot I had. What a fun way to spend the long weekend!

But here's the best part - no matter where my scrapbooking table goes, there also go my puppies. I can rest assured that no matter what room I'm in, there will be dogs at my feet. That's devotion if I've ever experienced any.
Dogs have something special that a lot of women need to take notice of: unconditional love. That's what makes them follow you from room to room, stay close by no matter where you go and just want to cuddle, regardless of what mood you're in. Imagine if all of your friends had those qualities.
So next week when I move back into the finished craft room, the girls will follow. And maybe they'll bring a squeaky toy or two with them.


  1. Your girls sound like my Boxer Churchill. He follows me EVERYWHERE. :D

  2. Isn't that the most wonderful feeling? If they didn't weigh 60 pounds apiece, I think they'd probably be in my lap all day.


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