Why I Love My Girls

Every pet owner has their own reasons for falling head-over-heels for their four-legged friends. Here are a few of mine.

* Unconditional love.

* Looking down and seeing an upside down puppy.

* Waking up to that slow and steady purr.

* Going for a jog around the block and seeing those smiles when we're done.

* Having a sounding board whenever I need it.

* No matter when I'm doing, I have to stop when a doggie toy gets dropped at my feet.

* Sitting on the porch together during a thunderstorm.

* That little sputter that comes before the purr.

* When the ears go up and the tail starts to wag.

* Knowing that no one will break in with that kind of barking going on.

* Having a tiny kitty head tucked under my chin while we cuddle.

* The joy of the pack, whatever mix it might be.


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