A Different Presentation

Five years ago I couldn't have told you a thing about cast-iron. Lodge was somewhere you went to get off the slopes. To say nothing about washing them with soap (gasp) and water. Times have changed, sweetheart.
Today I won't use any other skillet but our cast-irons. They make a difference - in cook time, in heat distribution, and most importantly in taste! You can tell when something's been cooked in a well-seasoned iron skillet. (And no, that doesn't mean covering it in salt and pepper!)

It was a great day when we discovered the Lodge store at Myrtle Beach. I had never been in one until a couple of years ago, but now that stop is the highlight of our visits. Forget the sand and surf...give me skillets, muffin pans and dutch ovens!
On our last visit I found this adorable mini muffin pan and had to make it mine. It uses almost one whole muffin mix to make these six perfect little mini-muffins. This is great for some special presentation - one tiny muffin for six people, or six muffins for just you!

The best part of having kitchen equipment like this is that you can break out of the mold and do something completely different. I don't always make teeny tiny little corn muffins, but you have to admit they make a precious presentation. There are all kinds of pans, tools and dishes out there that can make an ordinary dinner special just because you feel like it.

I encourage you to break tradition this week and think outside the muffin mix box. You may stumble across a new favorite!


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