A Long Nap On A Summer's Day

In the crazy-hot weather of South Carolina in June, there not much better to do than take a nap. We're professionals nappers around here, and everybody usually ends up congregating in the same room.

Just this week all four of us were in the craft room while Danny was at work. The air conditioner can't always keep up with the outside temperature, so everyone gravitated to the coolest room in the house - how smart are we?

Sadie will always curl up under whichever chair I'm in, regardless of how uncomfortable she might be or how balled up she has to be. As long as she's a close to me as she can be, she's happy napping wherever she ends up. She's my heart - my unconditional love.

Cayenne sleeps anywhere that's comfy and smooshy. On this particular day I kicked her out of my computer chair (simply because I wanted to sit in it!) and she made her way up to the back of the futon. I crocheted those throws out of chenille yarn, so they are perfect for winter cuddling - or summer naps apparently.

My Bailey dog is my protector - she never really goes all the way to sleep because she's constantly listening. But she'll follow me from room to room just to be close. I can't be out of sight for more than a minute or two, so she'll move just enough to have me in sight. As long as we're all tucked in cozy, Bailey can relax.

A long nap on a summer's afternoon can be such precious time, but even more so when spent with those you love.


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