Stewardship - Thanks Be To God

God has significantly blessed our family financially. My husband has a wonderful job to go to every day that provides our home with all its needs. I have two wonderful businesses that give us a little extra help along the way. We don't have an abundance of money, but what we do have we thank the Lord for constantly.

I think we can all agree that God supplies our needs - all the time and exactly when we need them. Not a day goes by that I don't see one more instance of His many blessings on my life and those around me. Finances are a huge part of that, because I think God understands better than anyone how money makes the world go 'round.

With that in mind: How are you spending your money? If my God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and a wealth in every mine, how am I using what He has blessed me with? Yes, we've worked for that money, but God provided us with a job, our husbands with jobs and our bosses with good enough financial skills to pay us on time. Everything that we receive in the form of payment for our time and effort comes from the Lord.

We have never gone hungry, we have clothing and a roof over our heads, and there's enough left over to put gas in the car. With just those needs covered financially, we have more than enough to sing God's praise. We owe Him everything for sending His Son to die on the cross, and we dedicate our lives to His service because of how He supports us eternally.

And our stewardship of His money is our thanks to Him for His faithfulness. He doesn't have to send my husband home with a paycheck every two weeks. He doesn't have to send people to my website to buy cards. He doesn't have to provide me with piano students. But He does. And to show my gratitude, I want to be the best steward of His money that I can be.

That means trying to live frugally and make every dollar count. It means paying our tithe regularly and giving to missions and other offerings. It means saving and planning ahead so we don't get into financial strain down the road. It means using God's standards and commandments as guidelines to structure our finances.

Putting God first, even when we're talking about money, is our way of thanking Him for giving us any money to be talking about in the first place. We are so blessed to have just wheat we need, when we need it, and anything else He decides to give us is just the icing on the cake.


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