A Trip To Congaree

The girls have been bored. You can sense when they're not really interested in playing with their toys or walking around the backyard. You can almost hear them asking, Isn't there more than this?

So we found something to keep them from being bored yesterday. We are just minutes away from Congaree National Park near Hopkins, South Carolina. Danny has the weekend off so we packed the girls in the back seat and headed over. You can see how excited they were to be on the road!

The park has several trails of different lengths that are perfect for dog walking. Our girls are funny, though, because they have to walk side by side. If there's not room on the trail for that, they have a fit...I imagine because one doesn't want the other to see or smell things she can't. So funny!

Sadie has severe hip dysplasia in both back hips, so we really had to watch her workout. It was already almost 80 degrees by the time we stopped for lunch at 11 am, so she was letting us know it was quitting time. But she had so much fun and had to keep up with her sister.

The girls were definitely on sensory overload while walking the trail. Bailey is black lab/chow, but there are times like today when the lab takes over. She had to track anything and everything, and couldn't resist doing some puddle stomping. Sadie is exactly the opposite - she's not a big fan of the outdoors to begin with, and hates getting her paws wet. Our little princess.

By the end of the trail the girls were more than ready to call it a day. We pulled out our picnic lunch and they collapsed on the cool concrete of the picnic area. They got tons of water and a beautiful breeze while we ate. They just watched the other people walking through the park and seemed happy to get back in the car.
It was the perfect way to break up the monotony of our days, plus work our way to a really great afternoon nap!


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