What A Bunch Of Money Can Get You

Did you ever think about what you might purchase if you had all the money you needed? Lord willing we will probably never be in that predicament, but it's interesting what's available if we had extra spending money. Would you buy any of these things? I found all of them in the most recent Sky Mall catalog while we were traveling this week.

* $299 - a hair laser that treats thinning hair through advanced technology.

* $99.95 - a telekinetic obstacle course, which lets you maneuver through using just your mind.

* $79.95 - a ceramic pet fountain that keeps a constant stream of clean water running for your cat or dog.

* $59.95 - the canine genealogy kit, designed to test your dog's DNA and identify the breeds, potential health risks and genetic profile in your pet.

* $109.95 - the traveling pet seat with a booster underneath so your dog can easily see out the windows while traveling.

* $895 - a re-creation of King Tut's Egyptian throne chair, hand-finished with authentic gold leaf.

* $995 - an 8-foot-tall resin giraffe garden sculpture

* $149.99 - a pen that both writes and records 4GB of video, letting you have an eyewitness in your pocket.

* And my personal favorite: $59.95 - the only underwater pogo stick, which for some reason my husband won't let me buy...hmph.

There are so many people and companies out there that just want your money. The Scriptures call us to be good stewards of however much or however little God blesses us with. While the underwater pogo stick seems tempting, I think I'll stick with the Lord's plan for my money instead.


  1. LOL - I think I'm with you with the underwater pogo stick! What could be better?! What a great reminder of letting the Lord provide in His own way, instead of running ahead of him. Thanks!


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