A Smoothie Move

When the temperatures skyrocket and the sun fries us every time we step outside, we start to crave something cold. While I love to turn to ice cream or lemonade, smoothies can be a healthy alternative for cooling off.

In addition to being incredibly versatile and easy to personalize, they take next to no time to make. And if you have a Magic Bullet or similar blender attachments, you can make individual smoothies in their own glasses.

If you think you've tried all the flavor combinations available, you'd be surprised. Pull out your blender and get smoothing!

Strawberry-Banana: banana, strawberries, OJ, plain yogurt

Melon: honeydew melon, frozen green grapes, lemon yogurt, mint, lemon juice to taste

Island: banana, peach yogurt, mixed-fruit juice

Fruit Salad: peach, banana, strawberries, evaporated milk, frozen OJ concentrate

Sparkling Fruit: assorted fruits, coordinating flavored yogurt, nutmeg, ginger ale

Sweet Fruit: assorted fruits, vanilla frozen yogurt, frozen apple juice concentrate, honey

Creamy Fruit: vanilla yogurt, skim milk, frozen mixed fruit, maple syrup

Add protein powder to any of these combinations for an instant meal replacement shake. Cool off and treat your body right.


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