Summer Decorating For Next To Nothing

It has been blazing hot around here lately - I'm sure you know the feeling. Even sitting on the couch can make you feel sticky when it's this warm. If you look around the house, you'll probably find all sorts of cool-weather decorations around and about.

Did you realize that you can change the feel of your home, literally and figuratively, by thinking cool? And you don't have to spend much at all to do it...bonus! Wander through each room of your home and see where you can find ways to lighten up and cool things off.

* Update your dishes with something light-colored or clear.
* Clear off your counters and clean thoroughly, replacing only the essentials.
* Replace anything dark and heavy with light, airy pieces.
* Clean cabinets and give them a fresh coat of paint or finish.
* Set out a bowl of summer fruit for snacking.

Living Room:
* If you can afford it, replace dark paneling with light-colored paint. If you can't remove it, try painting it.
* Cover your dark, heavy furniture with light, soft slip covers.
* Change out your heavy drapes for wispy curtains.
* Bring in some inexpensive foliage for easy house plants.

* Choose a pretty summer theme like shells or the beach.
* Switch out the towels, choosing something in light shades.
* Put out some light, pretty scents in the form of candles or infusers.

* Exchange your winter comforters for summer quilts.
* Trade out the linens for something in whites or pastels.
* Put out pillows and lamp shades in lighter colors and patterns.
* Flowers, flowers, everywhere!


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