Accordion Mini-Album - Music To My Ears

I'm always looking for great, simple ideas to use up my leftover scraps. I have tons of little pieces that won't really work in a card or scrapbook page, and if you're a paper crafter you do too!

This tiny album (it only measures 3.75 inches square) is a fantastic way to put those scraps to good use. It's perfect for a brag book to tuck in your purse or for a last-minute gift.

1. Cut two 3x9 inch strips of paper. Score in thirds (every three inches).

2. Fold in alternating directions to create accordion. Tape the two opposite ends together so you have one long accordion.

3. Cut base for the accordion out of decorator paper, measuring 3.5 inches square. Then cut a base for the piece 3.75 inches square out of the same paper you made the accordion from.

4. Adhere accordion to the first base. Mark a dot on either side of the accordion and punch a tiny hole. Thread your fiber through and tie a bow on top. Adhere the bottom layer to the back.

5. Decorate the pages as desired. Choose your favorite Scriptures, poem or turn it into an album with several photos. Don't use embellishments that are too thick or it won't tie together very well.

This album and many other paper crafts are available for purchase on my etsy website -


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