National Eat Your Vegetables Day

Believe it or not, today really is National Eat Your Vegetables Day. I would imagine that most of us aren't doing so on a regular basis, so here are some ways you can participate today.

* Throw some veggies on the grill for added flavor.

* Put together a giant salad and make that dinner for the evening.

* Try one vegetable you've never had before, or one you thought you hated as a kid.

* Have some vegetable wontons instead of the usual pork for some variety.

* Make a stir fry with lots of fresh veggies.

* Bake some zucchini bread - that's still vegetables!

* Pull out some old recipes - my grandmother used to make Scalloped Corn for all our special events. I haven't had it since she passed away because no one can find the recipe. If you have favorites, use them, keep them and pass them down.

* Browse the produce section for recipe and idea cards. Match them up with what's on sale.

* Mix frozen veggies into you rice while it's cooking. Just use a little less liquid for boiling and you'll have a special rice mixture.

* Blend up a fruit and vegetable smoothie and get twice the health benefits.


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