In The Rearview Mirror

A couple of years ago we were read-ended by an 18-wheeler. Traffic on the Interstate was slowed to a crawl and the truck driver couldn't get stopped quickly enough. We were bumped hard enough to get some whip lash and the back end of the car was crushed pretty good.

The worst part of the whole situation was that I saw it coming. I was looking in the rear view mirror and saw the truck barreling down on us. I even braced myself for the impact because I knew that "objects closer than they appear" were already too close for comfort.

That few minutes in time years ago still affect me. You'd think I'd be over it by now, but other drivers still scare me. Just last week an SUV came up behind me much too quickly and my fingers started to tingle...the first sign of my nerves. He was zooming up in the rear view mirror, and I had a flashback to that 18-wheeler. This driver had no idea of what I had experienced in the past, because he was just trying to get to Point B.

How many times have we been like that SUV driver, just looking out for self and trying to get from Point A? We have no idea of the stories, worries or concerns of the drivers around us. This man eventually zipped around me, probably not even thinking about that woman tightly gripping the steering wheel, praying that everything would be alright.

As we pilot our vehicles this coming week, let's allow the Lord to pilot our driving etiquette. We have no clue what's happening in the minds of those other drivers around us, but we can be in control of our own. When we're conscious of safe distances, turn signals and speed, we can make driving a pleasant experience again. Imagine if every Christian woman across the country suddenly began to drive the way we were taught in Driver's Education! We could have a safer, enjoyable journey every time we leave the house - and some of us wouldn't be so nervous every time we see a vehicle in the rear view mirror.


  1. I will do that.. try to be more conscience about my driving.. though I am not too bad. My hubby is a tail gater and that always makes me nervous. What you experianced with that truck was very tramatic I am sure... those kind of things stay with us. But remember God is with you through all things. Picture him in your passenger seat , I will do the same.


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