Unique Jewelry Storage

Last week I got frustrated while untangling some of my favorite jewelry. I knew the boxes I was keeping them in weren't big enough, and I had too much in them.

I don't have a lot of space in our bedroom for any larger jewelry storage pieces, but I did have an empty drawer.

These five little glass bowls came from the thrift shop and after cleaning them up I lined them up in the drawer with a handful of smaller boxes.

The best part of these jewelry holders is that I can organize by color and style, and I can even hang my earrings from the rim of the bowl. They're all in full view and I browse quickly and easily in the morning.

Try using matching glass pieces like I did, or combine a hodge-podge of different tea cups. Use both the cup and saucer to organize even more.

If your dishes slip and slide in the bottom of the drawer, adhere a small piece of fabric or non-skid material to the stand of the bowl. Use your imagination to choose your favorite dishes and combinations of jewelry in each one. Have fun!


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