Stamping - Not Just Pretty Flowers Anymore!

As embarrassing as it might be to admit, I am fascinated by stamping. There are so many designs and so many options - you can be creative all day long and never duplicate what you've made.

When stamping first started it was all wood-mount stamps and a handful of flowery designs. Now there is such a variety that you're sure to find something that you love.

For example, this older Close to My Heart wood-mount stamp is one of my favorites. Once stamped and cut out, you make one slice, two folds and TA DA...a tiny sticky note holder. I stamped this one on the back with, When life is too much to stand...kneel. It has a little glittery resin flower on the bottom corner for something special.

The note pad holder and large tag stamps were two of my first stamp purchases and have been used numerous times. Stamps like these make it easier to coordinate with your cards and pages because you can stamp directly onto the decorator paper and not have to search the aisles of the craft store for something that might work.

I also love the versatility of background stamps. They're not words or images meant to be framed and given a space of honor on your project. This one, for example, is a coffee stain ring and drop. They're designed to accent the background of the project. Plus, you can coordinate themes - I used this for a page about our Bailey-dog's coffee addiction. So much fun!

You can also use stamps for a short cut. These clear stamps are stitching - you can skip the needle and thread and use the ink color of your choice to embellish. Clear stamps are also great for this type of project because you can see right through to where you need to place your image.

For the longest time I would make a journal block on my scrapbook pages with a simple square of card stock. As easy as that idea was, stamps designed with blocks and lines already on them make decorating much easier. You can still use your coordinating paper and stamps make them look more finished and special.

You can find the sticky note pad holders and many other cards and gifts for sale on my website:


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