Easy Personalized Candy Wrappers

I've been craving chocolate for days - just my sweet tooth working in overdrive. Danny gave me a candle holder a few weeks ago that says: Prayer and chocolate...I can't get through the day without them! Really says Laura, I guess.

So to curb my craving (translate: eat my work), I put together some handmade candy wrappers. They're perfect for special occasions because they can be customized for whatever event you need. They're also great gifts: fill a bag with something special for someone special.

All you need are:
Nugget candies - the kind shaped like a brick
Rectangular address labels
Your favorite stamps, ink and embellishments

There are hundreds of different ways to decorate these, so here are a few ideas.

1. Random stamp your image over the sheet of labels. If you want something different on each one, just rip them into individual stickers. Peel it off and wrap it around the candy, meeting on the bottom.

Think doves or hearts for a wedding, mortar boards for graduation, balloons for a birthday and bottles for a baby shower.

2. Think 3-Dimensional! Stamp and cut out your greeting and adhere it to the top. You'll still see your pattern around the sides and on the bottom. Choose other embellishments that can easily be attached with glue dots and fit your theme.

3. If you're planning a meeting or ladies' gathering, put the Scripture for the event right on your candy. Then they'll have a treat to take home and remember - they can keep the verse even after they've devoured the chocolate!


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