Seashells From The Seashore

When we came back from Myrtle Beach a few weeks ago, I took the pocket-full of seashells I had gathered and dropped them into a box with some others. As I closed the lid and turned away, I felt bad that no one else would see those pretty shells I'd found.

Instead, I rescued them from their sad little box and gave them a place of honor in the middle of the dining room table. After cleaning them really well (use a weak bleach/water solution), I tucked and layered them into a bowl of teal glass marbles. Now they look like they're floating in the surf at the beach again.

As summer approaches and you have some opportunity to gather shells yourself, or want something to do with the ones you've already collected, think about finding special places around the house for them.

* Arrange them in sand around the base of a candle.
* Fill a glass lamp with sand, marbles and shells.
* Adhere some shells to the edge of a tray or picture frame.
* Pile them into a small basket, then place on a low shelf or table.
* Attach shells and drift wood to a small foam wreath.
* Make your own beach in a glass - just add sand and shells.
* Use large clam shells for serving bowls or fill with smaller shells.
* Place large shells on your dresser to hold jewelry.
* String several small seashells on strings to make a beautiful wind chime.
* Hang them, glue them, set them around, frame them and show them off.


  1. Sister, you have inspired me to create a one of a kind momento with all of the shells I have collected from Myrtle Beach also. I have been putting it off for quite some time now, but your photo reminded me that I have bag full of shells waiting to be used! Thanks!


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