Fleur de Lis Napkin Folding

We had very special company over Friday night and I wanted something different on the dining room table. I placed the seashell centerpiece out (see last Wednesday's post for details) and needed something else creative.

I found a napkin fold that I liked, but I couldn't get my silly napkins to do what they said they should be doing. So I took the first two steps of their fold and made the rest to do what I wanted.

Step 1: Fold the napkin in half diagonally.

Step 2. Lift the middle of the napkin up to make a pleat.

Step 3. On either side of the large pleat, make one pleat halfway between the large pleat and the edge.

Step 4. Gather the bottom of the three pleats together and tuck them into the napkin ring. Floof (technical term, I'm sure) the top edges so they fall into the Fleur de Lis shape.


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