Choosing How You Spend Your Time

How do you choose how you'll spend your time this week? Do you balance your work time and your play time? Are there activities you participate in that you don't really enjoy?

There are hundreds of choices for ways to spend your time in the upcoming seven days. You really have to make some decisions when you go beyond those wonderful and necessary activities:

* Church
* Work
* School
* Housework
* Family together time
* Relaxation

Think for a minute about how you'll plan the rest of your time. What errands, meetings and gatherings do you have scheduled that you would rather not be doing? I'm not talking about the ones that you don't particularly like but are responsible for doing. I want you to specifically think about the things you do willingly without really knowing why.

* A bowling league that you play on because someone asked you
* A weekly lunch with someone who frustrates or aggravates you
* Watching television or movies with no redeeming value
* Volunteering for everything that passes by because you'd feel guilty if you didn't
* Anything you attend and wish you were doing something else

There are many activities that we participate in are keeping us from doing what we really want and need to do. Anything that takes you away from time with God and time with family isn't worth it. Anything that forces you to be with people who lead you astray from Christ's teachings isn't worth it. Anything that monopolizes your free time and you get no reward for it isn't worth it.

We make choices daily (sometimes hour by hour) about how we will schedule our time. As long as that planning is in line with God's plan for our day and brings Him glory and honor, we'll be set for the day.

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

So whatsoever you choose to do this week, make sure it's to God's glory. And enjoy what you do!


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