Organizing A Craft Closet

It's such a huge blessing to have one whole room for our computer and my craft supplies. It's even big enough to have a folding table up for my workspace.

The best part, though, is that I can have the entire closet organized for scrapbooking bits exactly the way I want them. There's no before picture because you probably wouldn't read the rest of the post if you saw it!

The top shelf is mostly for things I use very sparingly. There's a couple of paper trays for paperwork I need to have handy. My envelopes and note pads live up there, too, along with bags of needlepoint and seasonal crafts. I use the computer for my scrapping and stamping, so the manuals and software are in plain sight.

In order to keep as much in view as I can, I have a small book shelf and a wheeled set of drawers that will fit inside the closet when the doors are closed. Books and magazines go on top of the bookshelf, ink pads and my grandmother's sewing box are right below and the hot glue gun and other larger tools are on the bottom. Since I don't use those very often, I can stack other scrapbooks and photo albums in front so that space gets utilized.

During my days as a scrapbook-store-retail girl, I picked up a set of 12x12 paper trays that stack perfectly on top of the wheelie-drawers. They let me separate by project and by necessity. In the drawers are my very vital tools - tape, scissors, embossing tools - and all of my wood-handle rubber stamps.

Stacked next to the wall are boxes of in-progress projects, my embellishment bag and all of my clear stamps. With the clothes bar accessible I can hang a couple of bags with projects in them so there is a little more space elsewhere.

This system works perfectly for me personally. You may have a smaller space or just a couple of drawers somewhere. Find a system that works for the space and needs you have, and then get creative about storing those precious bits and pieces.


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