Mulberry Paper Techniques

Last week I got adventurous and started digging through some old bags of scrapbooking supplies. It was like going to the scrapbook store and not spending a dime! There were so many things in there I'd forgotten I even owned! Treasure trove!

One of the best finds of the day was a bag full of mulberry paper that I've had for at least six years. Mulberry paper is a handmade paper that shows every single fiber it was made with. The best characteristic of this special paper is that it is designed for tearing, not cutting, and it feathers its edges when torn. It's the perfect specialty paper for heritage or wedding pages, or when you want an extra touch for a layer on a card.

To tear mulberry paper, all you need is a little water. Dip the tip of your first finger in water, then draw on the paper where you plan to tear. Once the paper is damp, put your hands on either side of the new "water mark" and pull away. The mulberry paper will still be a little wet, but the fibers will separate and make a ragged edge.

Continue this around all the edges you'd like to have feathered and then let it dry for a couple of minutes. Then attach it to your project like a normal piece of paper.

This card and many others can be found at my shop:


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