Slow Cooker Pork Ribs

This is perhaps the easiest slow cooker recipe in the history of slow cooker recipes. Combine three-ingredient recipes with slow-cooker recipes and I'm there!

Pork ribs were on fantastic sale this week, so I threw eight of them into the slow cooker with a combination of 1 cup of ketchup and 1 cup of cola. Three ingredients - two of which you probably have in the kitchen right now.

I usually set the cooker on high for the first hour and then turn it down to low. This lets you get to temperature quickly and safely. For this recipe I did that, then left it on low for about 3 more hours. It doesn't take very long, but the results are tasty!

With a side of potatoes, veggies and fruit this is a great way to cook a sensible meal without using up half the staples in your cupboards or all of your time and effort.


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