Staying Healthy While You Travel

Travel season is officially upon us and we'll be headed on our own trip soon. Being on the road can destroy the healthy lifestyle that you're trying to maintain, with all the fast-food restaurants, lack of exercise, germs from a variety of places and weird sleep schedule.

Making an effort to stay healthy while traveling can be a huge challenge. Temptations and "vacation sickness" are everywhere. How can we enjoy our trip and still keep up our plans?

1. Drink plenty of water before, during and after. Staying hydrated will allow the body to keep functioning properly and you to enjoy your trip. Remember that if you're thirsty you're already getting dehydrated.

2. Pack your own snacks. While liquids still aren't allowed on planes, you can pack serving-sized snacks. Think mixed nuts, mini bagels, fruit and veggies and granola bars. Don't forget a little chocolate just for a treat. (And nothing that smells too strongly...there are other people on your flight.) If you're traveling by car, have a cooler and bag full of the good stuff so you're not overwhelmed with poor choices while you're on the road.

3. Actively look for ways to exercise. Your hotel may have a gym and a pool, which are both great ideas. Just get out and walk around the city or do some quick exercises in your room. Anything for you legs and abs is great, but don't over do it before you're out and about all day.

4. Do your research. Before you go, check the Internet for healthy alternatives to fast food and buffets. The locals will have ideas too, and you can learn a lot about the area through their local eateries.

5. Carry hand sanitizer. There are germs and diseases everywhere, and if your body hasn't been exposed to those in a new area, you'll get sick much easier. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer frequently. Don't bathe in it, but apply some after you've touched door knobs, used bathrooms and shaken hands with people you don't know.

6. Slather on the sunscreen. Nothing ruins a trip (or your wardrobe choices) faster than getting a sunburn. Even on cloudy days you'll still need an SPF 15 or higher to prevent burning.

7. Have some type of a first aid kit. If you're driving, this is super-easy. If you're flying, make sure there are no liquids inside. Just carry the basics so you'll be prepared for an emergency.


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