Some Words Jump Off The Bible Page

How often have you read the same passage of Scripture over and over again, but then ... out of nowhere ... you suddenly see something you're positive wasn't there before?

Please tell me I'm not the only one God's word speaks to this way.

I string words together for a living. My job is literally to create coherent sentences that are interesting, motivating and are mostly grammatically correct. Words are incredibly important to me, and I'd like to think that when I read, I'm comprehending it.

But the Bible is a living, breathing book. It's directed by the Holy Spirit to be what the believer needs for that moment. That is why you can read a proverb a day each month, but next month something different pops out. That's the miracle of Scripture.

Romans 15:13 was that verse for me this weekend. I'm pretty sure I've read this verse every year for a decade, but the words jumped out at me just like they are on this artwork.


If that doesn't draw your heart toward the Holy Spirit, I don't know what will. All of these gifts are His alone, no matter how you string the words together!

I challenge you to read for comprehension this week. Before you think you're the one going back to school, decide if you want to just read words and check Bible Study off your list, or if you want to read for truth, knowledge and understanding. If you're content with what you're getting out of reading the Bible, move on. But if you want to glean some nuggets of treasure, let's move on together.

What portion of Scripture are you reading this week? What words are jumping off the page to get your attention?


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