10 Fun Ways To Make Someone Smile Today

The line at the post office was breath-takingly long, but I had to get the package mailed. After many minutes of waiting, moving up a little, checking email, waiting, moving a bit and then reaching the front, I literally laughed out loud.

There, on the other side of the post office counter was the largest smiley face I have ever seen. It was made out of stamp magnets, arranged into the sweetest, happiest face ever. Instantly I forget about my wait and actually smiled back at it. And I'm hoping that the folks in line behind me eventually saw it and smiled, too!

Making one person smile today may not seem like much, but to them, it could mean the whole world.

Ready for some ideas to get someone to smile today?

1. Smile at them first. It's pretty contagious.
2. Go ahead and tell a dad joke, even though you're not a dad. People need a good eye roll every day.
3. A tiny gift secretly hidden makes for a great out-of-the-blue smile.
4. Leave random, anonymous notes of joy and encouragement everywhere you go. You may not get to see the smile, but you know there will be a few.
5. Give a sincere compliment. Trust me, it may be the first one they've received in a long time.
6. Tell them how much they mean to you. Your words can change everything.
7. Go to the store, buy the funniest card you can find and stick it in the mail. Instant smile in an envelope!
8. Show up. It doesn't matter where, just be there.
9. Do the thing no one else is doing. Don't wait for other people to step up - when you see a need, take care of it.
10. Be spontaneous. Pay attention to what the people around you are going through and be whatever the situation calls for, which is guaranteed to bring out a smile or two or a hundred.

What smile-starters would you add?


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