God Is Still Saving Souls!

When we thought about Vacation Bible School for this year, we didn't set goals or choose the number of kids we hoped would be here. All we wanted was for God to have His willing way and for Him to get all the honor and glory.

And did He ever.

I had been praying for a miracle Wednesday morning. In those exact words. But it was for another matter on my heart entirely. I had repeatedly, throughout the day, asked God for a miracle. Then, at 8:00 that night, He showed up with not one but two.

As we were finishing up our last game of the night and getting ready to match kids up with their parents, one of the eight-year-old girls pulled me aside and asked if she could talk to me. We went in another room, away from the deafening noise of children with massive amounts of sugar in them, and she said she wanted to see where the Bible said all those things about getting saved and spending eternity with God.

Yes, I teared up. I've only known this girl for a few weeks, but she already has a very special place in my heart. And now she wanted to know how to give Jesus a place in her own heart. I gave the clearest presentation of the gospel and the need for everyone to make a decision for Christ, and she grabbed hold of that need and ran with it.

She watched me while I read the verses, she nodded because she understood completely and then said she wanted to pray with me. If I went first. So I did, thanking God for this opportunity to share His plan of salvation and praising Him for giving us His Son so we could have everything He has promised believers. 

When it was her turn, she looked up at me and said, All I can say is "Thank you, Jesus." And I said, That's all He needs to hear because He knows your heart." She flashed that brilliant smile, put her hands up and said "Thank you, Jesus!" Yes, I ugly cried. Huge, hot, joyful tears. I wasn't expecting this miracle, but I would gladly praise the Lord for it.

So once we got our tears wiped away and she headed for home, one of the other eight-year-olds was looking at me funny. She wanted to know where I had disappeared to and what was going on with her friend. I told her that her friend had asked Jesus into her heart and gotten saved. Her face got very serious, so I flat out asked her if she had made that same decision, surrendering her heart to Jesus. She shook her head no without a word.

I asked her if she wanted to come read the same Scriptures her friend had read, and she willingly put her things down and walked with me, though much more quietly than she normally would. I repeated the Romans road and had her read some of it for herself because she is a very smart girl. When I asked if she wanted to pray, she said yes, but she didn't know what words to use. I reminded her that she can use whatever words she wanted because she was talking to the God who knows what she's going to say before she says it.

After very quickly praying for her so she could hear me, she called out to God in a very clear voice with all the enthusiasm a young girl has, and she told Him that she wanted Him to save her. Yes, more tears. She finished praying, we got all the tears cleaned up again, and we rejoined her sister and other friends getting ready to go home. She told her sister (who is already saved) about it, and they both smiled from ear to ear. Then she looked up at me and quietly said, "I feel much better now." '

Yes, more tears. At this point I had a pounding headache, and all I wanted to do was go curl up in a corner somewhere, get all my crying done and praise the Lord for blessing me with not one but TWO miracles in a matter of minutes.

Never, ever, for a single moment doubt that God hears you. Never doubt that He cares for you. Never doubt that He is still in the miracle business. Never doubt that He will give you exactly what you need, right when you need it.

That's the God we serve, and He's still saving souls!


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