My "Be A Light In This Word" Planner Layout

Jesus Himself said that we are to be a light in this world and a city on the hill. My constant prayer is to be a positive spiritual influence to everyone I come into contact with and encourage other believers to do the same. I'm hoping this week that someone will see these planner pages filled with words of hope and faith and be encouraged themselves.

I'm a big fan of order and symmetry, so there are several elements of this week's spread that are all lined up and arranged very deliberately. The journaling blocks in the left column are all the same size, but they alternate to move your eye back and forth across the page. I love filling the center column with tiny embellishments, and the tabs at the top of each to-do list all coordinate while leaving enough room to write the myriad of things that need to get done this week.

Look for some fun and creative ways that you can make patterns on this week's planner pages. Fill them with uplifting thoughts, repeat an idea across each day and use some of your favorite colors and images to make a planner spread you can't wait to use!


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