My "Taste And See That The Lord Is Good" Planner Layout

David wrote Psalm 34 in the middle of some pretty dramatic highs and lows in his life. If we're going to learn a lesson from him today, let's remember that no matter what circumstances we're going through, we can always taste and see that the Lord is good.

The situations that we find ourselves in as we begin this week don't define us - they show us that God can still take the not-great parts of our lives, cover them with His grace and mercy and teach us to keep our eyes on Him. Our God has already done great things for us, He's working great things for us right now and He's promised us great things in the future as we walk with Him.

As we venture into the last full week of August (I know, right?), let's taste absolutely everything and consciously look for the gifts God delights in giving us. Then we can rejoice in David's words of celebration and praise in Psalm 34 and count our many blessings ton by ton. Taste and see!


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