My "September" And "To Everything There Is A Season" Planner Layouts

That's right, it's time to flip the calendar to a brand-new month again. I have absolutely no idea where this summer went, but it's been filled with so much sunshine and so many blessings.

It's sweltering outside while I write about sweater weather, falling leaves and loads of plaid, which seems add. Even the thought of using sweater stickers on my September planner spread makes me sweat. But I found so many adorable, tiny fall-themed stickers, and that kind of tips the scales back.

Until you're looking for something specific, you often don't know how many of a craft supply you actually have. That happened with me this week as I was changing from summer to autumn embellishments. They were coming out of the woodwork, and I had so many I couldn't even use them all! But it sure was fun to try.

I started my first week of September planner pages with the To Everything There Is A Season sticker in the bottom left corner. It came from a faith-themed sticker book, so it was super easy to coordinate the journal blacks and accents. And I'm all about super easy this week!

Every phrase sticker on this week's pages speaks directly to my heart. Just give me Jesus, let go and let God, let the peace of God rule in your heart, grace changes everything. How could we think we need anything else?

Whatever you're going through as we begin September, please know that I am praying for God's victory in your life. He is our strength, our grace-giver and our source of perfect love. The seasons may change, but our Lord never will, so let's praise His holy name!


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