I Have A Goal, And That Goal Is Organization!

There's nothing that stifles creativity more than clutter. And I'm totally in that stifled stage this week! I had two tables upstairs that I was working on separate craft and Bible study projects, and when I was done I basically threw it all into the craft room. Not literally threw, but I might as well have.

So now I'm in organization and cleaning mode so I can get back to the creative part. Just glancing at this picture, I can see somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen projects. Right here. At the top of the stairs. Yep, I have procrastination issues, which I keep trying to overcome, but I keep putting it off...

My plan is to make one of these tables a card making station and the other for other projects. I'm almost done with my 2023 planner, so I won't need all those stickers, washi and other embellishments soon. They'll go in a craft show/craft supply sale in September so other people can enjoy them. That will clear out a huge space, for sure!

I know that because I have a sticker-sorting station set up at the dining room table. I chose a smaller planner for next year, so I don't need a lot of the larger planner stickers I've collected. As I'm going through them, I'm cutting them apart and creating a pile to sell. I hope that someone else will do creative things with them.

Now it's about turning a plan into a plan of action. You'll be my accountability partner as I do whatever it takes to get organized and get my creativity back!


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