Let's Team Up And Take A Prayer Walk

If you're anything like me, your heart is already tuned to look for reasons to pray. Your heart goes out when you hear a first responder's siren in the distance. You end conversations with, Now I know how to pray for you this week. And you stay close to friends and family so you can bathe those you love with intercessory prayer.

Many years ago I read a book about prayer walking, adding another powerful tool to my arsenal. By actually, physically going to the places I know need prayer, my mind is focused on that specific person, area and building. Prayers I might not think of while I'm in my prayer closet come flowing out when I'm standing right there in front of them or it.

For example:
* Do a room-by-room prayer walk of your home. Ask the Lord's blessings on each of these areas of your life and listen for how He would have you use that particular room for His honor and glory.
* Take a walk in your neighborhood, pausing in front of each house to pray for that family specifically.
* Grab a friend or six and walk an area that you know is hurting. Pray that drugs or violence or apathy or hatred or whatever their need is will be eradicated and healed.
* Walk around your city hubs, praying for the politicians in City Hall and the County Courthouse, the teachers in the schools and the police and fire departments will have the wisdom, compassion and motivation to serve your community with their whole hearts.

Are you old enough to remember the Yellow Pages ads that said "Let your fingers do the walking"? If you are, welcome to the We're Now Vintage Club.

I stirred up this memory for a reason - if you want to add an extra layer to your prayer walk, you can use a map of your house/neighborhood/city and let your fingers do the walking around the map. Even when you're not able to get out and walk during your prayer time, you can always pull out your map and pray for very specific blocks, streets and areas, writing your requests right on the map.

Let's team up and take a prayer walk today. Let's bathe our homes and communities in direct, specific, intercessory prayer. When we're standing together, letting the enemy know that these areas are off limits, we're a force to be reckoned with!


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