Updating The Teen Room Prayer Wall

A few years ago when we were painting and redecorating our church’s teen room, Danny made this incredible prayer wall for us. He built two wooden boxes with bungee cord woven through them, and we’re able to clip our prayer request cards on them with binder clips. It’s right inside the door, so it’s one of the very first things you see when you walk in.

While it breaks my heart to admit it, we’ve not been filling the prayer wall like we had planned. We’re still taking prayer requests and we’re still praying at the end of every meeting, but we’ve been pretty lax about writing them down. It doesn’t mean prayer isn’t important, we just haven’t made filling the wall a priority.

So this past Wednesday night we had a very small group, so we made our prayer requests the main part of our evening lesson. We took down all the outdated requests, praised the Lord for answered prayer and sorted out the requests that we’re still praying for.

 Then, in one of the best parts of my entire week, we wrote out all the concerns of our hearts. I couldn’t believe how much we had to prayer for, though I shouldn’t be surprised. We are a praying church, and that includes our teenagers as well.

It was a chance to talk about what worries us, catch up on each other’s lives and have some quiet time together before going back out into a busy week and a busy world. And having all these requests written out really opened our eyes to how much we need the Lord to intervene for us.

We took these pictures as we left for one very specific reason. Too often we leave our prayers on the prayer wall and leave them there. By having these pictures on our phones - because who doesn’t have their phone with them 24/7 - we have access to all of our requests handy all the time. I love that prayer is such an important part of our youth group, and I look forward to praising God for even more answered prayers in the days to come.


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