A DIY Dollar Tree Autumn Wreath

Although fall doesn’t officially start until September 22, I couldn’t resist pulling out my autumn decorations this week. I picked up several new Dollar Tree craft supplies recently, too, so I disassembled my 4th of July wreath and turned it into this celebration of fall!

I used my favorite white wreath to start with, along with some metallic mesh, leaf garlands, floral bouquets, a metal sign and four clip-on leaves.

The mesh rolled up very nicely and reached all the way around the wreath. Then I wove in the two leaf garlands. And no, I can’t do any project without a puppy. That would just be wrong.

The sign came with a twine hanger, so it was easy to tie it into the wreath. And I didn’t even mean to, but this truck was the exact size of the inside of the wreath. It was meant to be!

And then I tucked in the flowers and clipped on those big, glittered leaves in the open spaces. The result is a beautiful, inexpensive decoration that will work all autumn long.


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