My “Mixed Metallics” Planner Layout

Who doesn’t like the sparkle and shine of metallic embellishments? They make everything pop when you use them, and they’re so much fun! I combined several supplies in gold metallic for today’s planner layout, and I absolutely love it.

I started with that thick, gold washi tape, which I think I’ve used about 100 times on planner pages because it’s so wonderful! Then I added a smaller, striped washi in the other, bigger journal blocks. Then they’re all accented with gold leaves and branches.

The whole reason I wanted to do a metallic page was because I fell in love with this long sticker. It says “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good” in gold. After layering it on the small washi tape, I added shiny numbers on black tags to make them stand out as the date. Now, when I move the page back and forth, the sparkle makes me smile. And that’s what creative planner pages should do!


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