The One Non-Destructive Animal On The Property Right Now

If you were to come to the Carrell Wildlife Preserve today, you would probably see chewed-off branches in the ponds and piles of churned-up dirt all around the house. Between relocating beavers to curb their destruction and smashing down mole hills, we’re in full preservation-of-the-land mode. That’s why this quiet, unobtrusive resident of the property is a welcome sight.

All of God’s creatures are amazing, but walking sticks are so unique. Believe it or not, there are actually 3,000 different species around the world, and the largest can be almost 2 feet long. This one was just palm-sized, though, and I have to admit that I couldn’t tell which end was which for a minute. Their camouflage lets them blend into the branches they’re snacking on, which means they can eat in peace.

That camouflage also means you have to look closely to find a walking stick. Luckily he stood out on the side of the big garage because he was a different color. Just one more reason to keep your eyes open when you’re out in nature - you never know what you might stumble across, literally!


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