Stuff From Trees Is Back Online!

It’s amazing how people change and grow over the years while still keeping their great personality. This is probably the best description of owning your own business - times change, but who you are at the core of your brand remains the same. Stuff From Trees is the perfect example of this.

We’ve had our own shop in many forms since 2009, going from Etsy to our own website and growing with each move. And now we’re going entirely to Facebook, another change that fits with who we are and what our priorities are right now. So many of our customers visit us and message us through Facebook already that this seemed like the logical move.

Several times each week you’ll see new gift ideas, learn how we do what we do and start your own custom orders for one-of-a-kind treasures. Stuff From Trees has always been a creative outlet for both of us, and we look forward to seeing what God will use it for next! Message us today so we can start planning your next custom order.


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