Making Fall Mini Books That Are So Versatile

Today is definitely a fine, almost-fall day! In the spirit of cooler weather and warmer treats, let’s put together a mini book that celebrates the season.

When I started this mini book, I had a couple dozen die cut journal blocks and cards with fall images. Using their size as my guide, I cut white card stock an inch larger all the way around and covered them with denim decorator paper. This makes super-sturdy pages to embellish on.

On other pages, I used white card stock to make mats for photos, drawing paper or journal blocks. The variety of pages makes it interesting and versatile for absolutely everyone.

If you don’t have preprinted cards and images to work with like I did, you can pull out all the stickers, washi tapes, die cuts and other fall embellishments you have and create your own patterned pages. We’re all about stoking the fire of creativity around here. The circles I used are punched in two different sizes to layer and creat some depth.

Are your creative juices flowing? Are you ready to make a fall book of your own? I sure hope so - have fun! And if you’ve fall-en in love with this mini book (see what I did there?), you can find it, along with other autumn-themed paper crafts and wood gifts, on our Facebook page. Message us today to make it your own.


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