Setting Up A Fall Mood Board For Teens

Since Wednesday was the official first day of fall, our teens started a fall mood board. If you’ve never seen a mood board before, it’s a fun collage of colors, textures, pictures, themes and all kinds of embellishments that all make you feel a certain way. They are literally attached to a board, changing shapes and layers as you go.

For our youth group, we started a Wednesday night series on God’s blessings as we begin the season of thanks and giving. We had just hung a fall banner around the top of our teen room and there were two triangles too many, so they are now the base of our mood board. And no, it didn’t take long for them to figure out the two puns. I was concerned for a moment.

The next things we looked for were hymns that have lyrics about blessings. A few were pretty obvious, so we started with Showers of Blessings, reading the words, finding the reference in Ezekiel 34:26 and learning a little bit about how songs have verses and a chorus. It was fun to see little light bulbs come on as they made those connections between Scripture, the song service and our Wednesday lessons.

With a pile of paper from the copy room, they made about a million punched leaves, which I think was their favorite part of the whole night. We’re going to be finding paper leaves all over that room for months. As we add more music, definitions, pictures and stickers to the board, we’ll fill in the spaces with these gorgeous leaves. 

What would you add to a fall mood board this weekend? What would your theme be? What embellishments are already calling to you?


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