My “Fill In The Blanks” Planner Layout

I’m so excited for Tuesday! Yes, I’m looking forward to today and tomorrow, too, but this is my planner spread for Tuesday, and I can’t wait to fill it in!

I’m creating a Bible study notebook using Illustrated Faith’s Word Nerd devotional kit, with several add-on sets including this Back to Basics set. If you’re too young to recognize them, the die cuts are old-school Rolodex cards. (Please tell me you knew that.) They’re also lined, and the instructions are to write out definitions of each word, to journal what the word means to you or some other special writing. 

So I went through and picked out my favorite words, though I hate telling the left-over words that they’re not good enough. On Tuesday I get to spend the day journaling my faith while I’m living my everyday life. Words are so precious, and I’m sure that having these journaling prompts will make for a fun and exciting day. I’ll let you see it when I’m done!


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