Making Low-Profile Clusters For Your Planner Pages

This was the planner page embellishment that got my mind working. I wanted a metallic page to go with this beautiful Scripture sticker, and I knew it would need to be layered to stand out. Clusters of embellishments don’t work too well in a planner if they’re thick or bulky, so you have to get creative with your layers. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Die cuts and stickers: These punched circles are left over from some die cuts I used to hang over the edge of a planner page. The scrap was the exact width I needed for one of my circle punches, so layering a sticker phrase on one side was super simple. And, purely by accident, the three lines of text going together beautifully.

Washi tape and clear stickers: I’m in a washi tape phase right now, so I’m making so many layouts with borders and dividers. Since this metallic washi was so pretty, I layered a clear sticker over it so I could see as much of the washi as possible.

Washi tape and block stickers: If you tear washi tape, it has this gorgeous look to it. Combining it with journaling blocks and some coordinating accents not only add sparkle and shine, but it all ties the page together in color and design.

Phrases and images: Why have just one or the other when you can have both? Large phrases accented with tiny images go together like peanut butter and jelly - they’re just meant to be!

Block and phrase stickers: Choose blocks of pattern that coordinate well with your phrase, then trim them to the same size. Overlap the phrase so you can see the pretty pattern and you’re in business! A few little embellishments around it wouldn’t hurt, either.

Journal blocks and border stickers: I saved my favorite example for last. Pictured here are two coordinating border stickers, one wide and one thin, with a to-do list block overlapping them. Accented with heart stickers of the same color, this page just makes me smile. You can create clusters that are beautiful to look at but don’t add so much bulk to your page with just these few, well-placed ideas. What clusters are you making in your planner this week?


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