The Power Of God’s Word To Women

This weekend was one of our church women’s favorite weekends of the year - the Iowa Regular Baptist Camp’s Renew Conference! This year’s theme was Adorned With Strength, looking at what God’s word says about femininity and holiness. 

One of my favorite parts of our free time is visiting the Faith Bible College bookstore. Not only can the speakers recommend books, but the bookstore brings used books, sheet music and lots of fun gifts. And I limited myself to three new books. I’m so proud of myself.

And the first snack and fellowship time features a popcorn bar, complete with chocolate, flavored popcorn and lots of sweet mix-ins. No two bags are ever the same!

I’m a big fan of the zip line, which I was finally able to do again this year. I went down the first year, chickened out the second, we didn’t go last year, but this year was different. With support and encouragement from the greatest pastor’s wife ever, I conquered the zip line! Next we were going to try the crate stacking challenge, but they were packing up when we finished ziplining.

The fun stuff is great, but the truth is that I’m there for the Bible study. Here are a few nuggets of God’s wisdom that I gleaned from page after page after page of notes.

* Instead of walking around like a dry, brittle plant, root yourself firmly in the rich soil of the local church.
* Prioritize the gathering of your church family and the ministry in God’s word in your heart.
* When you get to church, sit more than you serve, remembering to soak up being in God’s presence with His people and prepare your heart for worship.

* Ezer, the Hebrew word for helper in Genesis 2 to describe woman, is used multiple times in Scripture to reference a military assistant. She enables her husband to do something he can’t do without her.
* In 1 Peter 3:4, the meek and quiet spirit refers to the outward - not creating a disturbance in anyone else - and to the inward - not being riled up in someone else’s disturbance.
* Three ways you and I can become God’s kind of strong woman: fear the Lord, seek God’s wisdom every day and be motivated and guided by our reverence of God and His wisdom.

* Live on earth in a way that shows you won’t live here forever.
* Be to other women the way a marigold is to other plants - an encourager and uplifter.
* Ask yourself, do you protect yourself from inconvenience, or are you interruptible?


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