A Week Of Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Planner Layouts

To prepare my heart for last weekend’s ladies’ retreat, I created seven planner spreads using my favorite Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Shop sets. I was so centered after a week of Scriptures and beautiful graphics. Monday’s set was from the Weeds & Wildflowers devotional, reminding me to be still for a bit so I can bloom and grow.

For Tuesday, I used the hearts and flowers from Becca Bonneville’s Like Flowers in the Desert. So simple and so full of joy at the same time.

The next day I used Like Flowers in the Desert again, but this time focused on the cactus and flower images. That hanging glass planter is one of my faves.

This adorable Kelly Bangs set is called When I Rise, based on that wonderful praise and worship song. I shrink these three pages to half-sheet size so they will fit better in my planner. 

In the Good News devotional kit, there were some beautiful flower ephemera that I’ve been using absolutely everywhere. I love the colors and shared of pinks and greens.

The newest devotional kit is Word Nerd, which is so me. Saturday’s page, for the day when we’re at ladies’ retreat all day, seemed perfect for this set. Plus, I really like pens and notebooks, so it made me smile a little extra.

Sunday’s spread also features Word Nerd, this time with the fall themes and colors, along with a few supplies thrown in for good measure. This was such a week of blessings, and my planner was one of the keys to that. What does your planner look like this week?


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