When You Begin To Grasp The Meaning Of Eternity

Things change. Circumstances change. Our minds change. The red light changes. Our feelings change. The wind changes. Our priorities change. The menu changes. Our love changes.

The situations you are in right this minute - they will change. It may be for the better or for the worse, but we can rest assured that they will change.

When we’re in the middle of trials and troubles, we pray for things to change. When times are good and we’re blessed melons measure, we pray nothing will change.

Our bank account will change. Our families will change. Our weight changes on a daily basis. Our address changes.

Change is inevitable. Unless you’re living under a rock. But even then, the rock will change over time, too, so yes - change is inevitable.

We experience change every day, minute by minute and breath by breath. Something, somewhere in our life is changing even as you read these words.

Except Jesus.

From before “In the beginning ...” to after “Surely I come quickly...”, Jesus Christ was and is and is to come. Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same.

Did you sing those words as you read them? We’ve put that verse of Scripture to music, and we sing it as a congregation because it is true. And it is important and necessary to our very existence. While everything else may change, Jesus won’t.

Our Lord and Savior is the scarlet cord that runs through the entire Bible. The same Jesus Christ who is prepared for as Messiah in the Old Testament is the Jesus we serve today. The same Jesus Christ who walked on earth, performed miracles, died and rose again is the Jesus we worship today. Not one single thing about Him has changed since before time. And nothing about Him will change after the end of the ages.

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever. Hebrews 13:8

Forever. Time without end. In perpetuity. However you want to say it, the meaning is clear: we can trust Christ because He will never waver. He will never leave us. He will never fail us. Never. Forever.

The truths that we read about in the Bible become more precious when we can apply them to our own lives. This couldn’t be more true than when we read Scripture with Jesus’ forever-ness in mind. Each story, each quote and each sentence is just as powerful for us today as it was at the moment it was heard and written down. This same Jesus is just as powerful and personal for us as He was for them.

And what a blessing that constant was, is and will be. Thank you, Lord, that above all else, you never change.


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