My “Going On A Road Trip” Planner Layout

I’m going to spend part of this week at the Iowa Tourism Conference, so I felt like a road trip planner layout would be more than appropriate. Sometimes the layout comes from the embellishments I find, but sometimes the theme dictates the embellishments!

I can’t begin to tell you how long I’ve had these stickers. They’re super thick and some are textured, so they look pretty amazing. I vaguely remember thinking I would use them for a fun scrapbook page, but I have no idea what pictures I thought I was going to put with them. I guess I was just having them for this layout!

I added more arrows to compliment the road sign theme, and since I have them in every color, I coordinated them to the photo stickers. I’m using green number stickers for the entire month of March, just to have one common bit on every layout.

And since it’s the first of the month, here’s my March layout. I use this page each month to keep track of my blog posts, and I absolutely adore this one. I’ve been holding on to these green wood-patterned journal blocks for a while, too, and they’re perfect for this month. I can fill in the blocks as I go, as well as keeping notes in the right hand column. Here’s hoping you have a wonderful month of March!


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