My “Be An Encourager Today” Planner Layout

Even though I’ll be working from home this week, I still need a planner layout to help me stay organized and focused. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re out of your normal routine, so having a familiar place to get my thoughts together will be a comfort.

The theme for the week is also going to be a gentle challenge - encouragement. While I’m going through a couple of tough situations right now, there are always people who are suffering above and beyond my own problems. I want to lift others up and make that my priority, more so than what I’m working on, cleaning or organizing at any given moment.

I’m super bummed that we haven’t been able to have Sunday School or youth group recently, but I’ve been planning and writing lessons in my copious amount of spare time. I added the Bible study block to Wednesday because I want to remind myself that there are some teenagers out there chomping at the bit to get together and study God’s word. That’s some great encouragement for the week, isn’t it?


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