My April And “Pray Without Ceasing” Planner Layouts

Spring has sprung, and it’s written all over my planner! I’ve been hoarding these stickers for ages and for just such an occasion. This April I’ll get to look at these darling bunnies every day on the spread I use to plan my blog content. Plus ... they’re metallic and shiny! Bonus!

As we start the first week of April and spend another week at home, I’m understanding more and more that this needs to be a time of intense prayer. All of the crisis in the world can either push us into fear and panic, or it can urge us into our prayer closets for time with our Lord.

As for me and my house, we will pray and serve the Lord. The entire left page of my planner for this week is dedicated to prayer lists. I’m looking forward to filling it with needs, requests and - eventually - answered prayers! And I’ll be able to fill in the food lists with lots of great dinner menus because our Butcher Box came this weekend!

There is much to do this week, both doing CVB work from home and around the house. So my right hand daily page is broken up into both prayers and to-dos. I pray that by the end of the week I can truly say that I’ve had good conversation with the Lord, and hopefully you will, too. Pray without ceasing this week!


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